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Anchor windlass (Capstan ,windlass, winch) for modelships

Here you find a insight about the WoWiDa - anchor windlass for your modelship with a very real simulation of anchoring.


The capstan on deck we think you know it. Here you see a example. At your ship you have your own one:

Die Ankerwinde des FLB2 auf Deck

To simulate the anchoring on an modelship you will need a little bit technology under deck. You need the WoWiDa -capstan drive (WoWiDa - Ankerwindenantrieb)

The WoWiDa-drive will be installed under deck into you modelship and it can drop and lift one anchor. (With two (2) drives you can simulate two anchors) For this funktion the drive will not need many radio-switch-functions, it only needs one.

Overview spezial features:

  • no trommel !
  • no servo !
  • scale independent - anchor (with chain) till max. 100 gram possible!
  • left and right conduction. So you can simulate both anchors on your modelship. (if the go into your ship. depending on scale) !
  • build of rustless materials, [the motor is acqusition]
  • very small design and weight


So take a look at the drive:
(here with an one (1) euro coin)

Antrieb von der Seite (Motor)


Comparison of the sizes with an lineal:

Ankerwinde auf Platte mit Stahlmaßstab.


With chain and euro-coin:

Antrieb von oben mit Kette (Euro)


Here you can see the drive into a example ship body to take a look inside:

Testaufbau der Ankerwinde im Plexiglaskasten


Testaufbau der Ankerwinde im Plexiglaskasten - Totale



Installation of the drive with an holder under the deck, which you can take off completely. Here you can see that the chain will go vertical from the drive through the deck to your capstan:


Cause of the drive is only a drive under deck you can / must take your own lookable capstan on deck. So you can install the drive into nearly any model ship. The scale doesn´t matter.

On the fire boat duesseldorf 2 (Feuerlöschboot Düsseldorf 2) the deck looks so, for example:

Die Ankerwinde des FLB2 auf Deck


Function description:

This is the first capstan without an trommel for the chain. For controlling you only need a multiswitch an no propchannel.

An 6 volt mini gear motor (500:1) will drive a gumrole which is adjusted to your chain bore an anchor weight.

The chain is lifting. If the anchor will arrive, or it will be catched, the pressure to the gumrole will be growth. This will grow the attraction (load adjustable), thus the drive will be lift whereby the motor will switch off.

To let the anchor falling you only have to change the pole of the supply. This cause, that the gumrole will open an let the chain fee to fall. Concurrently the anchor light will go on and the motor will switch off.

In both end positions the motor will be automaticly switched off by end switches. You must not switch it off separate.

Assembly dimension about: 50 x 40 x 40 mm
Weight: about: 40 gram [with motor and cables]


Like to watch a video of the capstan-drive?

Information for download:

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Best Regards,
Wolfgang & Wilfried Dahmen [WoWiDa]

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